Cooling Tower System Audits

Within Australia, Victoria is the legislative pioneer in the field of rigorous systems-based auditing of cooling towers. This has been closely followed by NSW in 2018. The high standards of legislative requirements are based on the use of a comprehensive auditing process as the most effective strategy for cooling tower system management.

Our international experience supports our strong belief in the value of the auditing process as one of the most efficient ways of managing the majority of risks associated with cooling towers. These risks include physical contamination, the integrity of water treatment programs, and the condition of components to minimise the release of aerosols potentially harbouring Legionella bacteria. Legionella infected systems form a significant public health risk, and can result in legal liability if duty of care is questionable.

Cooling tower auditing is based on a simple approach – bringing together your Risk Management Plan with associated monitoring documentation (chemicals, microbiology, corrosion, servicing/inspections).

Our fully accredited independent Auditors review and audit this documentation every year to ensure both legislative compliance and operational rigor. This process addresses many of the fundamental operational and risk issues associated with cooling tower systems.

Auditing has many benefits including the potential to lead to the development of a more robust system and management processes.