Cooling Tower Quarterly Performance Reviews

It is very important to monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your contracts.

We can help you monitor the performance of your water treatment contracts to ensure service delivery. Peace of mind through surety is the key to effective cooling tower performance.

Some of these processes include:
  • follow-up of system defects as part of a dynamic reporting system.
  • reviewing and preparing documents before your contractor meetings (ie. service reports). These documents can be emailed to CleanCloudSystems on an ongoing basis.
  • interpretation of corrosion results and best practice reporting.
  • assistance with different State legislative requirements in Australia.
  • recommendations and reporting following a review of KPI’s.

Corrosion Monitoring & Analysis

A holistic technical approach to water systems

RMP Systems provides a wide range of corrosion services. Where there is corrosion, Legionella growth rates can be increased 10,000 times. In addition to increasing Legionella risk, corrosion in water systems can significantly reduce cooling/heat exchange capacity, plant function, and in serious cases result in plant failure.

RMP Systems corrosion services can extend from chemical analysis and corrosion coupon analysis to online corrosion monitoring. The heart of this service is to interpret data and to make suggestions on improving system corrosion rates.

We take a holistic approach and engage in discussions with all parties involved with a system – from engineers and maintenance personnel to the water treatment provider and suppliers. As Legionella and corrosion facilitators we believe in thorough diligence and to consider the whole horizon in terms of technical issues.

To encourage best practice, you should be undertaking regular chemical performance reviews with your water treatment provider, focusing on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We can assist you with model water treatment contracts, including specified KPI’s.

RMP Systems has an ongoing commitment to research and to provide the latest industry best practice. We can offer a wide range of advice in this critical and potentially very costly area.