• Cooling Tower Audits
  • Drinking Water Audits
  • Risk Management Plans - cooling tower systems
  • Risk Management Plans - water distribution systems
  • Cooling Tower Quarterly Performance Reviews
  • Cooling Tower Registration assistance /li>
  • Water Efficiency Studies
  • Review & Monitoring of New Technology
  • Corrosion Monitoring & Analysis
  • Water Testing for chemical composition, microorganisms & endotoxins
  • Assistance with Water Treatment Contracts & the Tendering Process
  • Boiler Assessments
  • Trade Waste/Wastewater Assessments
  • Review of Closed Loop Systems
  • Project Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculations
  • Legionella Training
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Data Management with CleanCloudSystems

RMP Systems was established in 2002 to provide the very best Legionella and water management systems in the world.

Our mission is to provide best practice assessments and recommendations to the water management sector on how to effectively manage Legionella risk. We are a leading consultant in strategic planning and information systems that allow you to safely manage Legionella risk within your water systems with full understanding and confidence.

Our vision is to develop the most efficient water systems in the world. We have now evolved to provide expert water focused advice and services to over 400 top companies across Australia. As thought leaders in the industry we focus considerable resources into research and development so that we are constantly evolving in response to new approaches and technology that can be applied to enhance system performance and reduce Legionella risk, all while generating considerable savings to clients.

  • We understand that water is the second biggest cause of plant failure. This can cost in excess of millions of dollars a year.
  • We understand the extremely costly corrosion damage that can occur due to inappropriate chemical water treatment programs.
  • We understand that large amounts of electricity and water are wasted due to poorly designed and maintained systems.
  • We know the frustration of trying to keep track of countless reports; that’s why we developed our CleanCloudSystems real-time report management system. It will streamline the report process for you so that data management becomes straight-forward, intuitive, and supportive. Like it should be. Ask us how.

We serve a wide range of companies from small sized family owned concerns to large multinational companies such as steel mills. We are continually refining and optimising our expertise to provide best-practice results for our clients.

Our services are designed around a sound engineering approach, with experienced consultants ready to help you identify the risks and advise on how to best manage those risks. Let RMP Systems help make your water systems work for you.We welcome any challenge.

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