Risk assessments for hospitals & aged care premises

Our most vulnerable populations are those needing hospital care, as well as our aging population who often reside in aged residential care facilities.

When the body’s immune system is weakened, this can lead to an increased risk of contracting Legionnaires disease caused by the Legionella bacteria; a severe form of pneumonia. Many people with Legionnaires’ disease are hospitalised for extended periods of time. For a minority the disease proves fatal, or may result in permanent disablement.

Systems that can harbour Legionella include hot water systems and ice machines. Legionella bacteria within pipework is spread through the dispersion of aerosols produced when running a tap, shower or chilling device.

Our leading multidisciplinary Legionella team can help you identify and mitigate the risks through the development of a detailed Risk Assessment for your site.

  • Risk Management Plans
  • Audits – Risk Management
  • Audits – Plumbing
  • Legionella training
  • Water sampling & testing for bacteria, including E.coli, Coliforms and other illness causing pathogens
  • Endotoxin testing
  • Water chemistry analysis
  • Disinfection solutions; application & support
  • Water management technology
  • Monitoring systems
  • Data storage and analysis with CleanCloudSystems
Training Courses

Our Legionella team can teach your team how to write your own Legionella Risk Management Plans.
We can train you on how to undertake site inspections, and provide you with a range of template procedures and inspection sheets for your use.


RMP Systems provide auditing assistance from data to plumbing analysis.

  • Optimize procedures
  • Software solutions for data management using CleanCloudSystems; an independent test and inspection results online portal.