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Legionella Risk Management Plans (RMP)

Experienced Professionals Assessing Your System Risks

Providing professional consulting services since 2002, our team of experienced and dedicated experts take a holistic approach to form best practice strategic plans and information processes so that you can manage Legionella risk in your water systems with direction, understanding and confidence.
A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out on your system to provide an informed approach for improving system health, including:

  • bacterial control
  • water quality
  • system design & component health
  • corrosion control
  • system monitoring
  • system reviews
  • meeting legislative requirements

In addition to a detailed site assessment, we also review system reports to establish a history of bacterial control, corrosion performance, cleaning and maintenance schedules, and apply recommendations for improvement, including:

  • filtration
  • treatment chemicals
  • dosing system setup
  • sampling
  • monitoring systems
  • component replacement
  • cooling capacity
  • contact protocols

Whether you require a simple Legionella Risk Management Plan or a complex risk assessment with graphical representation and full system information, RMP Systems is here to provide you with a cost effective solution.