Managing Risks for Aquatic Facilities

Aquatic Facility (Swimming Pools) Risk Management Plans

Experienced Professionals Assessing Your Swimming Pool System Risks

When discussing aquatic facilities, we are looking at swimming pools, spas and interactive water features designed for use by the public. Understanding the chemical composition of a safe and healthy aquatic facility is important in many ways. Even under normal and safe use, the quality of water in an aquatic facility can be damaged, creating health and safety issues.

Providing professional consulting services since 2002, our team of experienced and dedicated experts take a holistic approach to form best practice strategic plans and information processes. This enables you to manage the potential risks at your aquatic facility with direction, understanding and confidence.

A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out on your system to determine how the aquatic facility can be best managed and improved. This includes:


In addition to a detailed site assessment, we also review system reports to establish the history of microbiological monitoring, corrosion control, cleaning and maintenance schedules, to provide recommendations regarding:

  • filtration
  • treatment chemicals
  • dosing system setup
  • sampling
  • monitoring systems
  • component replacement and/or
  • contact & response protocols

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